Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Conservative conferences?

Yet another autism conference goes by... and the conservatives are in charge again, influencing the agenda...

I'm beginning to wonder what is it about autism and why does it seem to attract the conservative element in the NT (general) population, especially the professional community?

From what I'm hearing, seems that autism conferences around the world have a bias towards conservative subject matter and speakers. Is it some need to protect those "poor, socially inept kids" from undesirable influences? Or what is it?

If you ask me, it spells bad news for many of those kids as they get older. Let's face it, autistic people are like any other - they come from all walks of life, and like it or not, many are sexual, and a significant number of these people are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. In fact, some evidence suggests there may be a higher proportion of GLBTI folk among the AS/autistic population than the general community. I know, either personally, or via the Internet literally dozens of autistic men and women who cover the full range of human sexuality, from asexual to highly sexual, from straight to gay, and also a large number of transgender people, with a handful of intersex adults as well.

Hiding from this does not help these people, and it's a minor miracle that some of us actually managed to get through life and become balanced and healthy adults... I suspect many are not so fortunate as I am.

While I can understand being careful about what topics are raised in front of children, those adules that care for them, need to be given the tools and knowledge to help them guide their children into adulthood, whatever the child's orientation happens to be. Similarly, adults need to be aware of the issues they face in their sexually active lives.

Ignorance isn't bliss. It's just.... ignorance, and it's harmful.