Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 - a New Year, New Adventures.

As I previously mentioned, Mark and I travelled to my parents' house near Tocumwal, NSW to celebrate New Years Eve.

This was our first significant trip away together, and one that will be remembered as special for many reasons. Firstly, the weather was something out of an Australian Outback novel - 44C when we arrived at 3PM, which turned into a balmy summers evening. Our accommodation was equally fitting - a tent out under the stars. Just the thing for a couple of summer loving outdoors guys.

As midnight approached, we checked our clocks against the WWV time standard, so we got the countdown right, and at the stroke of midnight, we played Auld Lang Syne from the laptop through the car stereo at full volume. Just the 2 of us, remembering 2005 and looking to a new year together. It was several minutes before we rejoined the rest of the family for a celebratory drink.

But the really special memories for me were what Mark gave to me - far more than I realised up until this morning. Mark gave me the ability to be ME in nore ways than I had previously. We spent much of the weekend arm in arm like a couple of love struck teenagers. And it just seemed to fit in. My younger sister noticed I seemed the most relaxed she had seen me in a long time. This change in me has already brought me closer to the rest of my family. Up until now, we were on good terms, but I always felt a little distant, but I now feel a lot closer.

Our night together in the tent was wonderful. We are both country guys who have moved to the city for career reasons, but the call of the bush always beckons. As they say: "You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy". This rings true for both of us. We plan on spending more time camping together. It's good for the soul and brings us close to our beloved Mother Nature.

For both of us, 2005 will be remembered as a year of great change and unexpected twists. For me, it was a particularly difficult year, but one which ended on a good note with a whole new shared life ahead. We now look forward to 2006 together with new opportunities and making plans for a lifetime together.

Love you Mark! :-*